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Friday, September 5, 2014

No Socks No Justice?

An Indiana judge ordered a lawyer to wear socks in court or face sanctions. Read the story here:


  1. That's such an interesting story! My brother is actually looking for a great workers compensation attorney in his area. He was recently injured at work and needs one as soon as possible. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for him?

  2. I feel like a workers compensation attorney is essential any time you are looking for some compensation. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like you're going to need help to really build up a case and get a good settlement. It's nice to have someone who knows what they're doing, on your side.

  3. I feel like a lawyer needs to look professional when in the court house. I don't blame the judge for making him wear socks. Especially if it was causing his feet to smell or something. It is a professional workspace and you need to be presented accordingly.

  4. Most of the lawyers overlook these small aspects while I think it's very important for lawyers to look professional and decent.